Xpert APST


Use ‘Xpert Amplified Powerful Super Trend’ indicator to find buying and selling opportunities in the market. This is one the best tool for traders where you can each move of the market or you can predict any trend before happens in the market. Indeed this is a lagging indicator but it gives a miraculous result to the traders.

Our indicator is easy to use and gives a highly accurate analysis of an ongoing trend. It is constructed with two parameters, which calculates period and volatility which is the biggest reason for earning the profit in technical analysis.


For trader’s, trading in the live market is always a pure time game, if you are able to put an order at right time then you are winner or else looser even after billion dollar trading strategy. The ‘Super Trend is overlaid on the price chart and hence it’s very to understand, it gives hint for buy or sells. This reduces the time for analysis for traders to almost half.

Xpert APST is also powerful enough to suggest trend shift, price shift, range shift. This indicator is easy to use, easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to apply. And more than anything we can surely think to rely on this.


Highly useful for intraday traders, and momentum traders. If you are working full-time and don’t have time for live market analysis and want to earn huge money then you must use this.

Topics Covered

  • Super Trend
  • Powerful Super Trend
  • Amplified Super Trend
  • Xpert Super Trend
  • Intraday Strategy
  • Momentum Strategy
  • Nifty & Bank Nifty strategy
  • Money Management
  • Risk Management
  • Back Test & Reports

What you will get?

  • Trading strategies x 10
  • Scanner software for 1 Year
  • On-screen alerts
  • Life Time SMS Alerts*
  • Small training Videos x 10
  • Homework Videos x 10


If you are a retailer trader with capital between 50,000- 1, 50,000 then this course is for you.


Rs. 12,000

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