Hero or Zero | This scrip can give 5% move

Stock market is beautiful place, it give you opportunity

  • No matter how much educated you are,
  • How much knowledgeable you are,
  • No matter what is your capital.

Today i am sharing with you opportunity for Trader also for Investor.


We have received so many request to show analysis of Mitul Mehta in this scrip for positional view or swing view. Scrip we have been watching and its also been discussed with our Premium Clients too. 

Abundance opportunity available for trader and investor both and right now scrip is trading at edge any side move breakout or breakdown can give quick 5% move. 


Why This Stock?

In daily time fame candlestick chart type there is amazing formation with

  • Doji Family
  • Xpert Pillers
  • Volume
  • Indicator
  • Strong Pattern (Already shared with Premium Clients)

Learn about this indication from our YouTube channel CLICK HERE

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What To Do Now?

Stock is trading at edge and

  • Above 1722 (closing basis) can be strong breakout,
    • After this breakout willing to see 1765-1805 level.
  • Below 1696 (closing basis) can be strong breakdown,
    • After this breakdown willing to see 1672-1626 level. 


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