Nifty Fut Analysis

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Nifty March-2019 Fut Analysis

Every day 1000s of trader leaves their home to earn from Nifty index, but not all return happily only reason is underestimating trend. Here we are talking about father trend and this post if for that explanation only. 

Index has moved sharply from 10615 to 11330 that is 715 Points or 6.73% from base, if you want to each this move all you can use if our APST-Basic
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For understanding we have used

  1. Trend lines
  2. APST(15) – BASIC 

Index from long was in range, its also been explained many times in our live seminar to premium and guests clients too. As a trader we must be happy that range which is progressing is now break and positively. 

Technically we call then as breakout, and after breakout it has been seen that stock fire like a rocket. but there is also fear of false breakout. 

As long as index is sustaining above 11150 trend likely to be positive only.


Looking at intraday chart APST was bullish ever since 10790 this was whooping rally you could have catched. 

What To Do Now?

Stay positive, after a small hurdle around 11360 there can be rally again

  • Willing to see rally of another 700 Points. 
  • Intraday traders use APST(15) – BASIC or Xpert APST
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