This scrip can fire like a bullet

Stock market is beautiful place, it give you opportunity no matter how much educated you are, how much knowledgeable you are, no matter what is your capital.

Today i am sharing with you opportunity for Trader also for Investor.


Watching this scrip since last so many days, and it has give a zoooming 10%+ move, many traders made some huge money, now those didnt able to en-cash this opportunity for them real following details:


Why this stock? BankBaroda?

In daily time fame candlestick chart type there is amazing formation with

  • Doji
  • Xpert Pillers
  • Volume
  • Indicator

What are they you can learn from our YouTube channel CLICK HERE

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What to do now?

Stock is trading at edge and

  • Above 114 (closing basis) can be strong breakout,
    • After this breakout willing to see 122 level.
  • Below 111 (closing basis) can be strong breakdown,
    • After this breakdown willing to see 100 level. 


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