Want a Swing Trade Scrip?

its very easy to trade in stock market when you have learned it.
– Mitul Mehta

YesBank – Laxman Rekha

For professional traders its always important to find a scrip where new rally is likely to start. A scrip which has potential to give you 10-20% ROI in less then a month. Do you want such opportunity everyday? Great Join our Elite club. 


Scrip has given a sharp up move from 170 to 280 that is almost 58.82% from base.

Right now scrip is trading at very important key level.


What To Do Now?

Stock is trading at edge and

  • Above 260 (closing basis) can be strong breakout,
    • After this breakout willing to see 280-319 level.
  • Below 243 (closing basis) can be strong breakdown,
    • After this breakdown willing to see 232-206 level. 


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